Month of Photography Los Angeles

April is the Month of Photography in Los Angeles – that was established and exists to
celebrate photography through a variety of events and programs that inspire and invigorate the photography professional, enthusiast, emerging professional and collector. Among the highlights of the programme, there are two exhibitions that will present the works by award-winning photographer Jacek Kołodziejski – the the book “Freckle/s” at the Month of Photography Los Angeles Photo Book Exhibition in Venice Arts, opened on the 8th of April that will last till 29th of April, and the photographs at the exhibition „Construction: A Group Show about Memory and Fabrication”, in Arena 1 Gallery, next to such talents as Philip Cheung, Leticia Zica, Diane
Meyer, Bruna Stude, and J. Fredric May. The opening of the exhibition takes place on the 21st of April and will be opened till the 12th of May.

Polish Curator: Wiktoria Michalkiewicz

Young Poland A/D/O Gallery in NY

Nine Polish fashion photographers will cross borders to New York for a first-ever Polish fashion photography exhibition in NY. Curated by Alexi Lubomirski, YOUNG POLAND will serve as an insight to the next generation of accomplished photographers born in Poland in the 1980’s and ’90’s. The exhibition, organized by PAFF, will present the work of nine photographers.

FF Gallery Łódź, Poland


Curator: Wiktoria Michalkiewicz

Photographer is one of the many exhibition

18—20.3.16, Warsaw

During the exhibition “The Photographer is one of the man” Jacek Kołodziejski presented selected works from his cycle Freckle/s along with sculptures created especially for this occasion. The exhibition that featured also works by Pawel Fabjanski, Karol Grygoruk, and Lukasz Zietek, raised questions about the authenticity of artistic expression, originality of the creator and his concepts, and innovative medium of photography are embedded into the context of the modern world of advertising.

Curator: Klara Czerniewska-Andryszczyk

Pauza Gallery exhibition

5.11—4.12.16, Cracow

The individual exhibition Freckle/s in the Pauza Gallery in Cracow, Poland was a premiere event that accompanied publication of the book under the same title. The leitmotif of the exhibition, that ironically comments our preconceptions of Otherness, has been drawn in connection to the larger body of work presented in the book. Sculptures, installations, and photographs are regaining new meanings in relation with each other, as well as with the auto-commentary that phrases this version of the project: “I am a black red-head.”

Curator: Wiktoria Michalkiewicz

The Drawes vol. 2 exhibition, Kasia Michalski Gallery

1—15.9.16, Warsaw

The art objects created especially for the exhibition in Kasia Michalski Gallery in Warsaw, as well as a photograph and a “freckle machine” were part of the group show that inaugurated the art season 2015/2016 during the Warsaw Gallery Weekend. The project was selected to be exhibited side by side with other eight outstanding Polish artists of different disciplines.

Curator: Kasia Michalski

FRECKLE/S Photobook

4.11.2016, Warsaw

The first individual photo book by Jacek Kołodziejski sums up the process of formal exploration that started ten years ago: “Ten years ago, I placed an order with the Division of Control and Robotics in Poznan - to cut a perfect square in a metal plate. I placed the square on the photographic paper and exposed it. I repeated that process one thousand times, exposing paper after paper. Each image served as a negative to the next. As a result of that experiment, I discovered the potential of the perfect figure and its organic shape”, says Kołodziejski.

This conceptual experiment initiated a formal exploration on the level of various media - painting, installation, sculpture – and became a leitmotif that comes back in artist’s various projects: represented by a figure-stain, figure-mole, figure-stigmat, or figure-freckle. It finally becomes an ironic commentary or a self-portrait of the artist. Everything is important: the design, scenography, clothes, colors, composition, decomposition, post-production. Red hair and freckles as obsessively recurring motifs are embedded in characteristic, idiosyncratic visual language that Kołodziejski had developed over the years.